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Year 2000 Issues

BLAST, Inc. defines Year 2000 compliance as follows:

  • File creation dates will be set correctly when a file is transferred.
  • Datestamps can be written to log files in a 4 digit year format.
  • The date returned by the @DATE reserved variable can be in a 4 digit year format.

The following products meet the above Year 2000 Compliancy Standards.

BLAST DOS, UNIX, QNX, VMS and Data Pump products use standard "C" functions to calculate dates. Thus, there is no inherent limitation in these BLAST products that cause problems when system clocks roll over into the year 2000. There are, however, many known hardware limitations that cause computers to generate erroneous time and date data from the year 2000. BLAST is unable to warrant performance of these products if the hardware is incapable of generating accurate time and date data. It is the customer's responsibility to ascertain the ability of their hardware to generate correct dates from the year 2000.

BLAST, Inc. is committed to maintaining backward compatibility of scripts. Thus, datestamps and dates returned by the @DATE reserved variable will be available in either a 2 digit or in a 4 digit year format. The customer will be able to run these BLAST products in either mode to either maintain compatibility with old scripts or to ensure Year 2000 Compliance.

For more information on Year 2000 issues in BLAST products please refer to the Year 2000 Technical Note.

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