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BLAST - Concepts


What Is BLAST?

BLAST software is a file transfer automation product. BLAST supplies a variety of file transfer protocols, wrapped by a powerful scripting language, to facilitate automation of file transfers and other communications tasks over network and serial connections.

How Does BLAST Automate the File Transfer Process?

BLASTscript is the powerful programming language for automating BLAST communication sessions. Similar to the BASIC language familiar to most programmers, BLASTscript is easy to learn and use, yet offers many sophisticated features. BLASTscript programs, or "scripts," are the ideal way to automatically perform such tasks as:

  • Polling: a central computer can connect to and transfer all types of data to and from multiple unattended sites.
  • Dialing remote systems: automate the dial-in and log-on sequence to another computer, transfer files, perform online searches and text captures, and manipulate data.
  • Performing error-checking for data validation: print a summary report to confirm the results of a communication session.
BLAST Protocol Features

The BLAST Session Protocol offers advantages over public domain file transfer protocols:

  • The BLAST session protocol can perform local and remote operations, even while in file transfer mode. Supported system commands include:
    • file list
    • file rename
    • file delete
    • change directory
    • remote print
  • BLAST is a bi-directional protocol which means files may be sent and received simultaneously, saving on long distance charges.
  • BLAST automatically translates text files between different operating systems, allowing easy file transfer between PC's and multiuser systems like UNIX.
  • The BLAST protocol performs on-the-fly data compression, provides complete error detection, and provides for extensive logging of the file-transfer session.
  • The BLAST session protocol can complete an interrupted file transfer, restarting from the point of interruption--a real time saver when transferring large files.
BLAST Features
  • BLAST supports the following file transfer protocols for communications with machines running other communications packages:
  • BLAST supports the following network protocols:
    • TCP/IP with Telnet and FTP are available with BLAST Professional DOS.
    • TCP/IP Socket connections can be made with the Professional for UNIX products.
  • BLAST Professional products support a variety of high-quality terminal emulators. Check specific products on the features page for emulators supported by each product. Supported emulators include:
    • VT-100, 220, 320
    • Wyse-50, 60
    • DG-210, 410, 411
    • ANSI
    • and others

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