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About Us

OPEN COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL LTD has since 1983 offered a wide range of communications software developed by BLAST, Inc., to link multiple platforms across different operating systems for automated file transfer and terminal emulation sessions.
BLAST™ is designed to provide secure and reliable point-to-point links across any kind of connection and between different kinds of platform to ensure that data arrives in a timely and exact form.

OPEN COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL LTD is a member of the OPEN ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP. Other member companies of the group include:
MAILGATE LTD, vendor of the leading mail server and proxy gateway software MailGate and the closely associated POPWeasel product;
OPEN ACCESS LTD, Master VAR tasked with delivering ecommerce-friendly business software for small to medium sized enterprises. The chosen portfolio of products works together to provide smooth and affordable access to the world of Web-based business information and ecommerce services.

Open Communications International Ltd
Colonial House
Suffolk, IP16 4JD

+44 (0) 1728 832 712
+44 (0) 1728 830 196

For more information please E-mail info@opencomm.co.uk
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